aka Classified

  • I live in Seattle
  • I was born on September 27
  • My occupation is Maintenace Man
  • I am an OLD Fart. I was around when Man 1st Landed on the Moon.
  • Reomatra

    On my 1st Play thru I found a Wooden Platform laying on the Ground on Top of a Sand Dune in the Southeast Corner of the Map. When I did a Search I could see a Chest and a Ladder to Climb Out. I must have spent 2 hours running around trying to find the Tunnel that led into this spot. In my Frustration I hit the Jump Key by accident. I saw the Platform Wiggle, so I kept Jumping. After the 4th Jump I fell into the Pit. Inside the Chest is 200gp or so and a Unique Greatsword called Verdict. It is a Level 11 Item and you need to be Level 8 to wield it. It is DPS 181 and as a Level 8 Warrior it Kicks Ass.

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