• Red Lilies


    October 8, 2011 by Red Lilies

    Dear Coterie,

    I have an excuse. A very good one. Really. You should let me explain.

    There was this maid, you see. Eyes like sea foam. A mouth that could make a man jealous of the cheese she nibbled, the wine she sipped. Legs that would make Andraste herself swoon. A voice that would put the most proud of larks to shame. A bosom that would cause anyone to swear off pillows for the rest of life. A bottom like – I wonder what the chance is that you, dear reader, are a woman…

    If that's the case, I probably should stop wasting your time with my jokes and give you the real reason.

    Turns out, that my morality caught up to me before my mortality did. Never saw that one coming. My eyes were opened as I stood over the sobbing noble and my hand trembled.…

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