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Is there any way to remove requirements on Armor?

This goes for both DA:O and DA2

In Origins I would like for my Rogue to be able to wear Templar armor, but as we know only Warriors with the Templar specialization can wear it, so is there anyway I can remove the requirement? I'm on both PC and Xbox for Origins and just Xbox for 2 but i'll be getting a bunch of games for my PC soon so i'd like to know ahead of time if I can remove requirements. Also, i'm not looking to remove things like needing a certain strength or something, I can get that myself though I would like to know if there's a way to increase stats aside from leveling since despite wanting to level them normally and not "cheat" i've played through both games quite a few times and sometimes it's just a pain to level up just to wear certain armor or use a weapon.

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