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No clue if you are even taking questions at this (or any particular) time, but what (if any) are your feelings towards the select few (or many) that have quietly expressed interest in the Iron Bull being a romance option (should he actually be an actual companion)? (Unknown personality aside, these fans seem to enjoy his bulky aesthetic. Any thoughts on that? And yes, I have a problem with parenthesis.) — fan question

I call the period prior to us revealing what romances exist in the game (or, indeed, what actual companions are in the game) to be the “Schrödinger’s Romances” period.

Why? Because prior to us opening that box, a romance could or could not exist with any potential companion. In the minds of many fans, that means it does exist until proven otherwise. Indeed, some people build it up to the point that the romance must exist… and thus, should the box be opened to reveal the romance isn’t there, it will be the same as if we actually took it away. Like maniacal fiends that snatch candy from babies, we deleted the already-written romance from the files. Why? Because we are bastards, possibly racist or homophobic, and clearly because we have it in either for that character or for the fans of that character (because that character not having a romance means they are somehow less than— an attitude which annoys me as a writer, but since expressing my own thoughts can’t be taken here as anything less than a condemnation of those who think otherwise I’ll just say it doesn’t annoy me that much and leave it at that.)

It’s a way of dealing with disappointment, I suppose. Even if some people might intellectually understand that the game isn’t about romance and we’ll never allow you to romance all the characters (and thus some characters are going to not be romances at all), that doesn’t stop them from wanting what they want.

Which is to say that, yes, I’m aware that there are those who have speculated that the Qunari shown in the pictures is a party member— and that there are also some who imagine what a romance with him might be like. Not that I’ve seen any of the discussion, but there will be an element of that with every single character that gets revealed (provided they’re not revolting in some way, I guess). I suppose it also doesn’t hurt that the Qunari is a muscled brute who looks like he could lift you like a feather and bang you two ways from Sunday. ;)

And which is also to say that I’m not looking forward to the opening of that box. Much as some people might find it hard to believe, I don’t like disappointing anyone— not that I’m suggesting you will or won’t be disappointed with regards to this particular Qunari possible-companion, just that the ugliness that inevitably follows the reveal is not my favorite time of pre-release.