Now personally I feel like the story of Dragon Age is going in a... bad direction, too many of the conflicting forces are being connected. It seems like they want to make all evil stemmed from the same source, this is bad for a lot of reasons...

If the Dragons, Darkspawn, and Qunari... all had... lets be conservative and say 5 storytelling possibilities (in reality probably hundreds each)... then having them connected from a single evil force, and thus vanquishing that force, would cause all those story-telling possibilities collapse.

Its important to me that story-telling in this series stays as diversified as humanly possible, there is of course ways around this. The best way is to introduce new conflicts, cultures, and ideals before the old ones are overcome.

The evil elvin gods, the truth of the eluvians, the secrets of dwarven and kossith culture, maybe even the fex, and none of this stops ships from coming across the seas bringing new peoples into the story from far away lands.

but what has me most worried about the story-telling future of Dragon Age is Sandals terrifying prophecy, the idea that the magic will come back and everyone will be as they were... this is bad, having everyone undergo a dramatic physical change is... really bad.

what I keep getting from this is that everyone will have magical abilities when the magic comes back... but I cant help but feel like that owuld just... devestate everything in the Dragon Age universe.

its kinda like teh synthesis ending of ME3... Mass Effect simply doesnt work as a story-telling vehicle anymore because all lore possibilities were utterly CRUUUUUUUUUUSSSSSSSSSSHED, support the endings if you will but we will never get the Mass Effect stories we all really wanted because of them. We will never see the citidel making contact with new species, humanity exploring and colonizing this universe, new technologies.

I fear this will happen with Dragon Age...

but then I had a thought... and I think that this thought is one of the best ways they can avoid bottle-necking the story.

but it all depends... on the Dread Wolf?!? I am not a perfect lore master, but I hope to be one day.. .and I hope to refine my theories with time, if everything I am saying is bullcrap... I will discard it and start fresh.

but here I go...

I believe that the ancient elven peoples immortality was intrinsically linked to their pantheon, and that this immortality is what might be called the blight in the modern era.

This is why eluvians carry the taint, because they are artifacts of the golden age of the Old Gods. The elves were not free beings under their gods, they were monsters.

Then the dread wolf imprisoned them in the black city... was it gold before? was it ever gold? I do not know. But when the great beasts slumbered there minds were trapped in the fade, here in the heart of this city they became bitter.

Eventually they became the gods of Tevinter, relying on mystical beings to free them. So where did the darkspawn come from? why were they transformed? It seems to me that perhaps the Darkspawn are the conveyance of the souls of the Old Gods to return to their bodies.

or merely pawns to awaken their forms...

I am going to wrap this up now, i truely need to learn more about these things before I fully theorize. But I know this... flemeth seems to have no love for the Darkspawn, and she seems to actively work against them...

I think Flemeth is the Dread Wolf... but... do you see a problem here.

7 old gods 1 flemeth... if the old gods are indeed the elven pantheon... we are short one monster. Sandal... I do not think that his little speech was a "prophecy" but a statement of goals, I think he is the old god that escaped being imprisoned, that his idiot facade is a ruse.

What we have here is a game of chess between monsters, between Flemeth and Sandal... and what we will not realize until it is too late, is that we are the pawns in this.

I have no idea though... seriously though bioware shouldnt give everyone magic, or fundamentally alter there nature in any way... at least not until you have utterly exhausted every potential story-telling avenue with the Dragon Age universe