I have heard a lot of chatter about how people seem to think Danarius is part elf, while i certainly think it is possible... I have a different theory on his point ears. A few in fact.

My first theory is that it may be a symptom of Demonic possession (or prior demon possession) or the usage of blood magic. Now I am not saying pointed ears are evil, but possession tends to have weird physical effects on people.

My second theory is that it is a form of body modification... not very likely, but possible.

My third theory... I think that it is a sign of Qunari selective breeding, he probably descends from a human population that was enthralled by the qunari. The Qunari practice selective breeding, and its probably inevitable that any population of any race under their thrall would eventually become indistinguishable from the Horned Giants, he is a human from a population at an intermediary stage.

fourth theory, dude just part qunari.

Fiftyh, dude just really ugly elf