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  • RShepard227

    The following lists the changes and updates made to Dragon Age: Inquisition in Patch 10: [1]

    Dragon Age™: Inquisition Patch 10

    Fixed an issue that caused some creatures to require a higher number of items to complete their associated research.

    Fixed an issue where “All New, Faded for Her” could disappear from the journal. Fixed an issue where dying in combat without a full party would not switch the camera focus to a follower.

    Fixed an issue where some characters in Skyhold did not have a displayed name.

    Fixed an issue where some requisitions tracked incorrect ingredients.

    Fixed an issue where some schematics were using incorrect icons.

    Fixed an issue that caused mosaic tiles to be offset from the wall in Skyhold.

    Fixed an issue that caused the merc…

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  • RShepard227

    A new patch has been released for Dragon Age: Inquisition ahead of the release of the next DLC installment titled "The Descent." Detailed information is here: [1]

    Patch notes are as follows:

    • Fixed an issue where resetting options of any category could also reset the game difficulty.
    • Fixed an issue which could cause Multiplayer potions to be consumed if target mode was entered and cancelled.
    • Fixed an issue which could cause the Yavanalis staff headpiece to not display in Multiplayer.
    • Added a hot key for Salvage in Multiplayer.
    • Fixed some issues that caused some localized text to not fit in their proper display areas.
    • Fixed an issue that could cause XP and other stats to double in Multiplayer.
    • [PC] Fixed an issue which could cause on-screen flickeri…
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  • RShepard227

    Don't know why I'm doing this, this is Lazare's job. Or HD3's. Anyway, the eighth patch for Inquisition went live [1]. This one focuses on multiplayer fixes and adjustments.

    Detailed changes include:

    • Introduced the Save Importer, allowing players to migrate their save games to current-gen consoles. Click here for more details.
    • [Multiplayer] Introduced new and rare high level weapons, including some from the Avvar clans.
    • [Multiplayer] Introduced one new T4 accessory.
    • [Multiplayer] Introduced Proving Grounds, a new tutorial level accessible from the class selection screen.
    • [Multiplayer] Introduced Nightmare difficulty, a step up from Perilous.
    • [Multiplayer] Fixed an issue that caused the Multiplayer menu to be reloaded after a quick match failur…
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