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Obviously for those people not wanting to know anything about the upcoming release (which has been set for the 16th March 2010 by Bioware, for all three platforms), please look away now. Also, sorry if I have duplicated information from elsewhere, I didn't see this on the news.


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When the Blight pushed the darkspawn to the surface, human expeditions were able to venture deep underground for the first time in centuries, meeting very little resistance apart from stragglers. Then people started disappearing. Men would make camp and wake to find one of their number missing. Scouts left on missions, never to return. Search parties found no trace of the lost men, not even their bones. Some saw movements in the darkness, a shifting of shadows that torchlight would reveal as nothing. When a single warrio survived from one squad, he spoke of nothing comprehensible except grinning worm monsters that devoured his companions. The expeditions made haste back to the city.

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This was posted by Chris Priestly of Bioware on the board here: [[1]]

We have added 4 new screenshots of Vigil's Keep, the base for Grey Wardens in Amaranthine. You can see all 4 screenshots here: Vigil's Keep


Amaranthine was the first of the Fereldan arlings to fall to the Orlesian occupation. As the port city burned, its ruling family, the Howes, fled to the countryside to wage a guerrilla war against the invaders that lasted for generations. No matter how enormous of a bounty the Orlesians promised, they could not rid themselves of the wily Howes and their ever-growing number of sympathizers.

The Howes chose the ancient fortress of Vigil's Keep as their primary base of operations, hiding the entire rebellion within the vast complex of storage rooms and caves beneath “The Vigil” -- right underneath the noses of their oppressors. When the Orlesians were finally ousted, it was at Vigil's Keep that the flag of Amaranthine was first raised again, amidst cheers of victory. Vigil's Keep became the new home of the Howes.

But after years of faithful service to the kingdom, Arl Rendon Howe's ambition brought about his death and his family's ruin. Now Vigil's Keep and the arling of Amaranthine belong to the Grey Wardens.

The walls of the Vigil have been manned since the time of the Avvar barbarians. The griffon banner is only the most recent in a long chain. How long will the Wardens' colors fly?

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Queen of the Black Marsh

GameSpot has the latest trailer for Dragon Age: Awakening, giving you the first look at one of the bosses from our upcoming expansion.

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