The target an Orlesian nobleman too proud for his own damn good, why was this one so different for us then the other nobles whom we had always blackmailed, or bribed? Simple really he managed to piss off the top of our hierarchy by some random insult comparing Kirkwall to Ferelden honestly though I’m from Ferelden and I could give two shits about some random nobles arrogant rants but you the people who pay me on the other hand seem to disagree with me and that was enough to order his death sentence. Now who I am is not important and I’m not just saying that for a sense of antimony but merely for the fact that I’m a blood mage and really ever since anyone could remember blood mages are such a common sight around here that honestly you probably couldn’t find me even if you tried not that I want you to of course on account of what happened but let me start at the beginning.

It all began in the Hanged Man Lowtowns local hotspot for every hard worker and piece of shit who takes the easy way out which I suppose I fall under but hey if it isn’t broke, anyway I came there to obtain info about this noblemen and his habits which was more successful then I thought it would be I followed that guy day in and out where he lived , what he ate, and what he did in his social life if your thinking I hid from a distance put that thought away I was up close and personal to this shithead, how you ask? I’m a bloody blood mage! Apparently this guy fired his bodyguard on account of some dirt getting on his clothes or something like that ugh…. Orlesians right? Well I was able to take his job with ease at first he was skeptical thinking my physique was too thin to be bodyguard material but that was before I “changed his mind” over time though the use of my blood magic was unnecessary as he thought that I was a friend or in my opinion a captive forced listen to his childish rants about how his neighbors had wronged him somehow or was it the Merchant’s Guild? At this point I can’t remember nor do I care but the point is he trusted me at the point he invited me to his birthday party not just as his bodyguard but as a “friend” now I’m not a sentimental guy but that bastard touched me so I decided to help give the guy the best last day of his life.

First we went to some masked ball and socialized with some of the other nobles I tried my best not to slit all their throats for their blood of which was a success afterwards we went down Hightown which is nice now at night being the fact most gangs are in Darktown now (you guys should know right?) at first we were heading back to the mansion but I had an idea thinking this charade had run it’s course I suggested we celebrate like two men on a night like this should and thus we went to the Blooming Rose were upon arrival I managed to “persuade” this knife ear whore to slit the bastards throat as slowly as possible like I said I’m not a sentimental guy.

As she led him to the top floor he waved at me with a wide grin on his face maker I did my best not to laugh knowing that smile was going to turn upside down so to kill time I decided to feed my needs as I found this good looking girl I began to head to the room across the other one as I kissed her I heard a crash thinking that the deed was done sooner then I thought I learned the prick had learned self defense moves from my predecessor and subdued my puppet I knew right then and their that this wasn’t worth all the gold in Thedas and thus I left the bastard alive.

Now that you’ve read this let me just say do whatever you want to me but do me a favor and kill that prick first and let me watch consider this my dying wish however if for some reason you spare me then let me kill that guy myself no magic just my bare hands.