• Pdfreeth

    Just for fun...

    February 22, 2010 by Pdfreeth

    You have to admit that the creators of this game did an AWESOME job with the dialog... but you know you have thought of other things you could say to these characters... Funny or Get Real comments... Also if you have any funny or sage advice/warnings to new players of DAO... Lets create a BEST top 10!

    1. ADVICE: “I only got the vials of blood.” (Repeat glitch for leveling- this is for those who have played the game legit at least 5 times)
    2. ADVICE: Don’t “Bang a GONG”. Just saying…
    3. ADVICE: Use the Ballistas for cryin’ out loud! They move into position when you click on them!



    1. DIALOG: “Yes I’m with Zevron now because you dumped me right before the dragon… How RUDE!” 2. DIALOG:” If you’re going to come back to my tent Alistair you can…

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