This is where I discuss what paths the series might have had if the developers thought of it. Here, let's discuss possible ideas for extended content. Anders is something of a can of worms, so it's probably best we don't discuss him. However, I am thinking of recruiting the Dwarf bombardier from Awakening to better up the Chargers odds in the Iron Bull's mission for his people. That way we can keep the Chargers, the Qunari alliance, and improve Bull's standing. Don't know what to think of anything else right now aside from that. Ideas, please? And speak positively and politely.

After an exchange with an associate from the Mass Effect Wiki, I've been told of visiting Cassandra Pentaghast's homeland, some places in Ferelden we haven't been to, meeting family whether at their homes or at Skyhold, having a temporarily Companion in a Dead Legionnaire, detailing any alliances we make, some multiplayer stuff, and maybe recruiting Fenris. The last one sounds a little unlikely though. He'd probably try to kill us for being liberal with mages, leaving Hawke to die, or some other reason.

Speaking of Mass Effect, I've made a blog on that wiki about what kind of Bioware games could be made in the future. I know about the next Mass Effect and that Shadow Realms thing, but I'm talking about what kind of direction it may take in the future aside from working on it's two main franchises. I'm discussing it in further detail on that wiki because I figured one's enough, but figured I'd tell here since Dragon Age is Bioware material.[1]

Been looking at the recent DLC. Good to see they're making add-ons, but it's too recent to see much information.

The new one looks interesting as well.