There are spies in Coterie. Unconcerned with the affairs of the Chantry and mages, members are increasingly harboring and helping blood mages. Not sure if infiltration has gotten to the top. Hard to tell with the large amount of members initiated. Used to have strict policy against interfering with Chantry laws regarding mages. Harder to work with apostates when unknown if there lies an Abomination behind their face, hungering to devour your soul and body until nothing is left.

Growing up with Coterie laws was better than living in Kirkwall filth. Chantry and templars more concerned with mages than Kirkwall citizens. Guards apathetic. Tension palpable in the Gallows. Can not sit idle while outside force works to destroy only thing ever known. Main income comes from assassination works. Becoming wary of which jobs to take. One wrong assassination could lead to civil war within Kirkwall. What are spies' goals in infiltrating Coterie?

Easy assassination job assigned. Given one month to complete. Preliminary research report wealthy Orlesian duke. Wife in Orlais. No kids. Property outside Kirkwall. Bought outright three years ago. Known associates are Knight Commander Meredith, Grand Cleric Elthina. Suspicous. Templars and Chantry do not indulge nobles, even wealthy ones. No attached business in Kirkwall. What is noble's reason for being in Kirkwall?

Unable to get building plans for Chateau Haine. Henry Marc de Haine has connections to underground. Has something to hide. Will need to familiarize self with Chateau by experience.

Infiltrated castle. Disguised as footman. Atmosphere in Chateau strange. Chateau staff tight lipped, solemn. Tevinter mages and few blood mages roam, welcomed guests of Duc. Preliminary scouting shows light security. Two and a half weeks left until deadline.

Duc's valet dead. Body was mauled. Unsure by what. Promoted to Duc's valet. Demanding. Confident. Mage. Powerful. Mission too dangerous. Two weeks left.

Infiltrated Duc's private study. Old ledger lying around, details money paid to old captain of guard, Jeven. Payments to Coterie. Suspicions confirmed. Memorized names. Will handle after mission. Drawers contains letters. Several from Mother Patrice. Seamus, Viscount's son. Kidnapping. Killing. Plans war with Qunari. Patrice thanks Duc for support. Letters from Meredith. Indecision on how to handle situation in Kirkwall. Offer of thanks for artifact. Forged into sword. Letters from Elthina. Conscience troubled. Thanks Duc for advice. Will not get involved with Kirkwall politics. Unfinished letter on writing desk. Orders assassination of Champion.

One week left. Unable to reach contacts in Kirkwall. Duc Henry Marc de Haines responsible for everything. Chateau unexpectedly remote. Unable to get news from Kirkwall. Wonder how Kirkwall fairing. Tensions high when left. Sometimes mages talk. Blood mages rampant. Meredith and Orsino at each others' throat. Champion publicly sides with mages.

Two days left in mission. Received word of Meredith's death. Group of Orlesians arrive. Atmosphere shifts. Two servants gone this morning. Unusual amount of servants scrubbing floor in study. Got orders to prepare Duc's possessions for travel. Overheard guards discussing new orders. No one allowed to leave. Couriers excluded.

Last day to finish mission. Caught Duc watching me. Time's run out. Word must get to the Champion. Used last coin to get message out by last courier. Hour is late. Received summons. Never believed in Maker. But now, perhaps only hope.

Maker preserve us.