• Notmyforte

    Unknown Log

    October 8, 2011 by Notmyforte

    There are spies in Coterie. Unconcerned with the affairs of the Chantry and mages, members are increasingly harboring and helping blood mages. Not sure if infiltration has gotten to the top. Hard to tell with the large amount of members initiated. Used to have strict policy against interfering with Chantry laws regarding mages. Harder to work with apostates when unknown if there lies an Abomination behind their face, hungering to devour your soul and body until nothing is left.

    Growing up with Coterie laws was better than living in Kirkwall filth. Chantry and templars more concerned with mages than Kirkwall citizens. Guards apathetic. Tension palpable in the Gallows. Can not sit idle while outside force works to destroy only thing ever know…

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