• Nord Ronnoc

    I owned an Xbox One, so that means I have the option to buy a monthly payment of EA Access, granting me access to a trial of Dragon Age: Inquisition. Lucky me! So I started a broadcast of it on Twitch, with my older brother watching me play. And to top it off, I decided to play it on the highest difficulty: Nightmare. Unfortunately, I forgot to make sure that my channel store it for later, so I can't share it with you. Thankfully, I have a good enough memory to describe the gist of it, so onward to glory!

    Spoilers for the Inquisition and previous games in the below section. Read at your own risk!

    Conspiracies from all over Thedas, a civil war brewing in Orlais, and a demonic invasion from beyond the Veil, intending to wreck the world in moreā€¦

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