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    These are my favorite, and canon, characters that I've played. Feel free to take the template I've created and customize it for your favorite characters!

    ~Dragon Age:Origins~

    • Name: Emily Amell (Totally not living through my character!) ;D
    • Gender: Female
    • Classes (Origins): Mage (Origins)
    • Race: Human
    • Origin: Magi Origin
    • Broken Circle: Mages
    • Nature of the Beast: Peace between Dalish Elves and Werewolves
    • Paragon of Her Kind: Lord Harrowmont
    • Anvil of the Void (object): Destroyed
    • Urn of Sacred Ashes: Preserved
    • The Landsmeet: Queen Anora remained Queen.
    • Romance (Origins): Alistair
    • Final Battle Decision: Morrigan's Ritual
    • Personality: A good person, with a big heart for goofy people and the Grey Wardens. After completing the Blight she took up the mantle of Ward…
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