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  • NickyStuu

    Mike Laidlaw has given a fascinating interview to Eurogamer magazine. WARNING: MILD INQUSITION SPOILERS

    Laidlaw reflects on what went well (and not so well) with Inquisition, and gives some hints about DLC plans. As to content of DLC, he states: "The two big pulls are - 'I want more of this game' and 'I've reached the ending and I want to know more about the characters, or one specific character'," Laidlaw says. "I don't want to go into too much detail but I'm well aware of both of those camps and I'd like to see both of those groups satisfied before we're done."

    As to timing for the DLC, Eurogamer states: "We won't spoil the post-credits scene here, but it sounds like BioWare is planning on telling at least a little more of that story soone…

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  • NickyStuu

    UK computer games website CVG is reporting that the next instalment of the DA franchise will have multiplayer functionality. The article claims: "the role playing franchise is to feature an arena-based multiplayer affair offering player versus environment and player versus player battles. Dragons will also apparently be playable".

    Source: CVG article

    What does the wiki community think about this? Is playing as a Dragon feasible? In what situations would you want to see multiplayer in a DA game?

    --NickyStuu (talk) 20:46, November 30, 2011 (UTC)

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  • NickyStuu

    Orlesian Murder Mystery

    One instruction was clearer than any other: “Do not take a boat.” You told me that, Aethella. You knew - and I knew it too - that Pierre DeNoirre was watching the ports, all along the Waking Sea from here to Orlais. He knew about the Kirkwall contract taken out against him. DeNoirre had eyes down at the Docks here in Kirkwall, and at Val Royeaux too, all of them watching for the Coterie. For me.

    They were watching for me to come by sea. So what choice did I have? I had to travel overland.

    I disguised myself as a Chantry sister. Yes, it stung. But my face is too recognisable without a disguise. After what Marian and Anders did to the Templars last year, I had to hide myself. Too many questions otherwise – gawpi…

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