It was a simple job. I was hired to find and kill the noble before she could give the information to to the captain of the guard, but before I knew it things just went from bad, to worse.

I'm an assassin by the way, my name is not important but was is important is that this Orlesian noble had information that could cripple the Coterie. It had been three years since the Champion of Kirkwall defeated the Qunari and saved Kirkwall but that too is not important, let me just tell you how the assassination attempt failed.

I started in Darktown trying to dig up some information on this noble, when she would be in the city, would she have bodyguards, if so how many. You may be surprised about trying to find this out in Darktown but it turns out that you can find quite a fair amount in places life this, especially if you know who to ask. I found out she would be staying in a mansion in Hightown, (no surprise) while she was in Kirkwall.

When she did arrive, there were just too many guards to get close, luckily I overheard her saying that she wouldn't be able to see the guard-captain for two or three days. I thought that would be more then enough time but oh how I was wrong. I planned to do it outside of Kirkwall, away from the guards and templars. The wounded coast sounded good but it would take cunning and skill to get her there. Luckily I had a plan.

I already had a forged letter telling the noble to meet the Guard-captain at the wounded coast. I thought that was a good idea but what I didn't realise is that this woman wasn't too fond of Fereldens and with one of them as guard-captain, getting her too the coast alone, didn't work.

I was waiting at the meeting point I had arranged but when she arrived, she had at least 2 or 3 dozen mercenaries with her. I managed to slip and hide between some rocks, out of sight when I pulled out my bow. I had poisoned the tip and was ready to fire when I saw all the mercenaries collapse. At first I was confused but then I felt searing pain coursing through my body and I fell to the ground. I turned and saw a crazy blood mage standing just a few metres away, I felt the pain subsiding and shot that the mage before he killed me. I looked back to see the noble talking to a member of the city guard and quickly I fired another arrow at the noble.

I missed. I hit the guard and killed him but the noble saw me and ran for it. I gave chase but whatever that blood mage did, it was still affecting me, I was slower then normal and she made it into the city. I fell to my knees, a pounding in my head collapsed. The last thing I remember was being surrounded by a group of soldiers.

So that's the story. I broke out the prison and went into hiding in Darktown. I heard that a lot of our members of the Coterie had been caught. I thought I was free from the guards, they were probably more worried about the Knight-Commonder and the mages. Well, now that you've found me and heard that little story, what are you going to do to me?