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    The Orlesian Mystery Murder

    September 26, 2011 by Ng97

    It was a simple job. I was hired to find and kill the noble before she could give the information to to the captain of the guard, but before I knew it things just went from bad, to worse.

    I'm an assassin by the way, my name is not important but was is important is that this Orlesian noble had information that could cripple the Coterie. It had been three years since the Champion of Kirkwall defeated the Qunari and saved Kirkwall but that too is not important, let me just tell you how the assassination attempt failed.

    I started in Darktown trying to dig up some information on this noble, when she would be in the city, would she have bodyguards, if so how many. You may be surprised about trying to find this out in Darktown but it turns out tha…

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