I would like to see a lot of changes in all 3 classes really...


- I would love to see this class have more viability for single target damage spells, a lot of their spells don't mesh well with melee characters being aoe and they tend to get overpowered at the same time in an all ranged/mage group save the 1 tank who basically stacks resist/spell resist, other than that this class is awesome

-Shapeshifting - Really sucks, definitely needs a workover and the tactics need to be much better to make shapeshifting possible while automated... Having to use 3 tactic slots to properly use shapeshifting just sucks


As of right now.. Single deadliest character in one on one combat, momentum + swift salve actually stacks without hitting speed cap, and backstabbing at this speed on a cunning rogue with lethality/exploit weakness (one changing cunning to ur main damage modifier and the other giving SET based damage based on cunning for backstab) bonuses just makes for some incredible damage (with daggers can hit 160ish backstabs 2.5-3ish times per second, then u pull aggro but usually your target is dead by then) and definitely my favorite class..

-I would like to see duelist become a very very defensive kit and much less offensive and have tanking abilities that possibly go into offense, i always thought that was what a duelist was about dodging an opponents attack to make them pay for missing by attacking them when they are weak

-Ranged rogue definitely needs work, they have great opener damage but their overall damage is very weak compared to a well built mage or melee rogue. Yes they dont get in the thick of battle, but doing less than 1/2 damage of a melee rogue is a little much


As of right now incredibly underpowered...

-Tanking kit is amazing, they tank and actually deal damage comparable to that of a warrior using a 2 handed weapon because most of their abilities are multi-hit, and because of this the other 2 kits are very weak.

-Dual wielding warriors AND 2 handed warriors are extremely lacking in the damage output department, if you put them side by side a rogue they can't even do half as much damage if the rogue is built right... yes they are more durable.. but barely, less dex means less dodging attacks so the extra armor is virtually meaningless.. and a full out damage warrior will have lower life just like that of a rogue.. So warriors need alot of help...

-Dual Wield.. Without backstab or lethality their damage (even with bigger weapons) that they output is actually less than a rogue with daggers and at a much slower attack rate.. Just having an additional 15 armor does not justify this, as with less dex they get hit more.. I would definitely like to see the dual wield tree or even warriors have abilities that can be used while dual wielding that helps them keep up with rogues.

-Two handed warriors - This is where warriors should shine but they don't (in BG2, basically the precursor to this game, two handed melee were incredibly strong but here they lack) Attack speed is just way too slow for 2 handed in my opinion, should definitely be increased.

All in all, mages have always been a requirement in these games, as your strongest party member support wise, but the rogue has always been the single strongest (and still is in my opinion, however mages in groups take over the #1 spot) Warriors just feel extremely weak compared to old titles... tanking warriors do too much damage in my opinion too, and should do less maybe with more threat generation to make up for it. Def buff warrior damage for 2h and dual wield tho, plz! A fully decked out dual wield warrior feeling like a mid game rogue is just lame =x