Ok well its no rogue, but its still pretty darned fun... im only level 14 on her atm, and I need to get farther so I can get the felon coat for the +9 dex just to equip that dagger for orzammar then remove it, i basically just use the daggers for buffers (think physical resistance and spell resistance runes here) and my mainhand will be the starfang sword, now the offhand does basically no damage because its a dagger and I put literally all my points in magic so far...

Right now I'm wearing the Blood dragon armor but I will switch to Tier 7 cailan armor (which is AMAZING for arcane warriors, 5 health regen/20% dodge/etc).. the armor is just so incredibly high even this early (think im pimping like mid 50s atm?) and most mobs do 1-2 damage to me, some bosses even hit for 10ish, cant wait to get the cailans set and actually go through the arcane warrior tree, i didnt get anything out of it cept combat magic yet cause i wanted haste

Using Wynne/Zevran/Leliana as my other characters, zevran is in melee and will be using the damage/hit bard song, leliana uses regen song, and wynne is free to use crushing prison/heal.. My arcane warrior just auto attacks, and uses stinging swarm/arcane bolt mostly right now and tosses regens/rejuvs around.. fights take really long this route but things are finally starting to die alot faster as my hit rate has gone up, and with haste you can actually dish out some pretty decent damage

I know I could do alot more damage equipping zevran with the best dagger, but its just really fun to have a pimped out arcane warrior that whenever a fight goes bad can just solo everything by herself due to just 1 regen spell outhealing any boss/mob group i have faced so far.. I have 95 physical resistance I think now and 44 spell resist or so I believe, and the future buffs I get to ressist will help even more, I'm running through on nightmare right now, But i will probably try to solo gaxkang or w/e his name is and the archdemon with just my warden just to say i did it with a mage lol.. Not crazy damage output like my rogue but its incredibly fun, and wynne's mana has never gone below 50% yet

Spellbloom + rejuv + 2 mass rejuvs = incredible lasting power for her

Not the best way to play but its fun.. Oh and last thing i forgot, leliana is a ranger so I can eat her pets for invincibility ;p