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  • NamhciR

    I would like to see a lot of changes in all 3 classes really...


    - I would love to see this class have more viability for single target damage spells, a lot of their spells don't mesh well with melee characters being aoe and they tend to get overpowered at the same time in an all ranged/mage group save the 1 tank who basically stacks resist/spell resist, other than that this class is awesome

    -Shapeshifting - Really sucks, definitely needs a workover and the tactics need to be much better to make shapeshifting possible while automated... Having to use 3 tactic slots to properly use shapeshifting just sucks


    As of right now.. Single deadliest character in one on one combat, momentum + swift salve actually stacks without hitting speed c…

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  • NamhciR

    1. Warden (with my top 3 favorite specs listed below, companions are further down)

    a) - Class Rogue - Spec Assassin/Duelist - With a swift salve and momentum (NO HASTE or you go negative and attack slow..) you can backstab almost 3 times per second for around 140ish damage each (even vs. high end bosses) with telekenetic weapons up, and with evasion talent or even without, you are still extremely tanky to any physical attacks with high dodge rates. I usually try to tank w/e mob im attacking with this build tbh as riposte/dirty fighting let u backstab them in the face~ No other warden build can even compare in damage.. if a target is stunned you will see around 400+ DPS on any given target, you can drop oranges in seconds even in nightmar… Read more >
  • NamhciR

    Ok well its no rogue, but its still pretty darned fun... im only level 14 on her atm, and I need to get farther so I can get the felon coat for the +9 dex just to equip that dagger for orzammar then remove it, i basically just use the daggers for buffers (think physical resistance and spell resistance runes here) and my mainhand will be the starfang sword, now the offhand does basically no damage because its a dagger and I put literally all my points in magic so far...

    Right now I'm wearing the Blood dragon armor but I will switch to Tier 7 cailan armor (which is AMAZING for arcane warriors, 5 health regen/20% dodge/etc).. the armor is just so incredibly high even this early (think im pimping like mid 50s atm?) and most mobs do 1-2 damage t…

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