Tiran, The White Wolf, Herald of Andraste, Lord Inquisitor, Slayer of Dragons, Nemesis of Corypheus and Chosen one of The Maker.

Many are the titles that follow Tiran, aka The White Wolf, the name of my first Dragon Age Inquisition character. As you (or some of you at least) can probably guess from the name, Tiran is slightly inspired from The Witcher's main protagonist, Geralt. Most of the inspiration can be seen in Tiran’s physical appearance; he has neck long white hair, purple eyes (because The Targaryens are awesome), a solid jawline, manly features and somewhat rough skin.

Class: dual dagger rogue - Killing is awesome. killing fast and with an ice cold attitude is even awesomer (made myself a word)... its a win win.

Specialisation: Tempest - Why tempest you may ask? Well besides from giving you the single most damaging skill in the game, thousand cuts, it also offers various buffs that slow time, boost your defense and gives you 0 cooldowns and ability costs. All this adds up to a character with super high DPS, survivability and even CC, nuf said.

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