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Msolone November 20, 2009 User blog:Msolone

Ok, so I just finished killing the Arch Demon, and watched the credit, but after I loaded the Auto-Saved file that gives you all the items you get during the Final Onslaught, but before it all happens. Problem is I can only access three areas Cadash Thaig, Horrleah (sp- place you get shale), and your Party Camp, so I go through the Thaig with Shale to get the cutscene, and I run through Horrleah and nothing happens, I talk to all the people in my camp until they wont talk to me any more, but still I cant access anything accept those 3 areas. Is there only DLC from this point, or am I missing something? Ill try anything lol I miss cutting heads off, so any suggestion are greatly appreciated 

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