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    I made some comments and forums about my thoughts on the series and so far not much dice. Anyway, I want to discuss people's feelings on Dragon Age and if it needs improvement or not. Don't get me wrong. I find it interesting, but I believe I favor Mass Effect as an RPG more. Not only for the clear karma system, but also because it has more third options than DA and The Witcher. From what I've heard, there were less to none in 2 than in Origins. I understand that you to support Mages or Templars, but I would've liked it if you were able to keep Sebastian/Alistair/Harrowmont/Caridin and Anders/Loghain/Bhelen/Branka working together long enough to survive the games. You can cure the Werewolves and keep the Elves and there's a similar situatiā€¦

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