Chapter III: The Birth (I've rewritten the third chapter to make the story more coherent)

I woke up on the couch with my family picture in one hand and nothing in the other; I was dreaming that nightmare. My head was throbbing as I tried to remember how I got here. Then I remembered I had a dream, what did it say?

“Stop it, stop with this obsessive running.’’, the whisper said, “Stop it, now.” “No.”, I kept repeating, “I’m not running from anything.”

I started to drift back to sleep until I heard the scream of a woman, one that wasn't a figment of my imagination, this woman needed help. I got off my couch and sat the picture of my family down on the table, I stand up quickly and I walked to my door to grab my staff that was next to the door, walking outside the screams was from a lady who was surrounded by scum. One of them was carrying a knife and swaying it in front of her face, the woman pushed the knife away from her face.

“Oh, she’s a fighter.” One of the other scum said taunting her “Go ahead, fight back. We’ll just have fun with the corpse, no one is going to care, and no one is going to stop us.”

“Maybe or maybe not, you piece of shit.” I replied to the scum.

“Hey Jim, who the fuck is this guy?” one of them asked.

“I don’t know, but whoever he is he is sure a dead man.” the scum said looking back at his minion.

“You’re dead!” the scum said running with the knife in his hand. I dodged the knife impossibly fast to the left, I never was this quick before, the scum missed before he even swing.

“What the hell?” the scum was as surprised as I was. I whacked the scum in the back of the head with my staff, blood flowed like red wine.

“What the…” the fat one was stunned “Boss, you okay?”

When the leader fell on the ground he was dead, blood flooded the sidewalk.

“Maker’s breath, he killed him!” one of the other minions said “he killed him with one blow.”

“I take care of him.” The fat one said.

He started to run after me and this time I threw a burning ball of fire in his face, more powerful than the ones I used to throw. It hit him right in the face; it was burning every inch of it leaving a horrible smell of burning skin and hair.

“Big…holy shit.” The last one was scared shitless, he started running away and I chased him, my speed was still abnormal, no human being could ever run this fast. I caught up with him rather quickly and I shoved him down on the hard concert.

“Please, have mercy.” The scum said with terror.

“Mercy, why do you deserve mercy?” I asked the scum “you were about to rape this poor woman, dead or alive.” I swung my staff.

“NO, PLEASE!” and after that the staff bashed his head, brains and blood now flowed this side of the sidewalk.

The woman got up and walked over to me, “Thank you.” She said. I looked at her with a smile, “You’re welcome.”

“Is there anything I can do for you?” she asked me.

“Just don’t stay out late anymore.” I said.

I walked away in the shadows; I now have the strength, the agility and the power to finally save this city from darkness, I now have what I need to save this city. Something in my soul has raised something that will make what I've wanted to give this city for five years now. Retribution, that’s what will now happen, I’m sure of it.

This wasn't the first time I thought Kirkwall needed it, though.

5 years ago. . . 9:03 Dragon.

I was eating lunch with my friend, Lutheran, at the Hanged Man.

"So, Bethy, how are you liking Kirkwall?" Said Lutheran, eating his bowl of soup.

"This place is certainly corrupted, Scum, whore, necrophiliac necromancers, serial killers. I don't know why the hell I left Ferelden." I said as I threw a napkin on the floor.

"Hmm, I know what you mean, Bethy, certainly a lot of scum lurk the streets at night, especially Low Town. I heard the other night that a woman was raped by a gang of teenagers about, eighteen, our age." Lutheran continued "everyone just went on with their business, ignoring it, a bit sickening."

Lutheran was a good man, he would always give the less fortunate beggars that polluted the streets money, was a bit religious, but overall a good man.

"Something needs to change, something or someone needs to put the scum in their right place, control them, make them fear the act of committing a crime." I said.

"Like what, McBeth?" Lutheran asked.

A Hero." I said.

Now that is possible, thanks to my Darkspawn friend, no more pain, no more suffering. Kirkwall will be controlled, the scum will die and the good will live.

I promise it.