Chapter II: The Dream

My eyes open, the darkness that once blinded them is no longer there. It takes me awhile to adjust, but when I finally do I'm back on feet. What surrounds me is a foggy Forrest, nothing that resembles Kirkwall. A muddy path lies ahead of me, full of mucky, blood puddles. I slowly walk to the nearest one to see how much damage that Darkspawn did to me, but to my surprise I wasn't bloody and pale, I was a boy again and once I realized that a hollow voice calls my name.

“McBeth.”, the voice was one of a girl; it sounded rather familiar to me. I quickly got back on my feet and it was coming straight towards my direction, on the path. I kept running towards it and it kept getting louder, louder and louder to the point where it screamed my name, “McBeth!”

That's when the voice was right behind me and this time it was an older woman and she also said my name hollowly, “McBeth...” And like that I realized who that was, my blood curdled and I felt cold, I turned around and there was my mother and sister with multiple stab wounds in both of their chests.

“Why weren't you there, McBeth?” my mother said in that hollow voice, “why did you let them get to us?”

When these questions start to be asked I closed my eyes and then a whisper started to talk, “yes, Mcbeth, why did you let those Templars find your mother and sister?” he continues questioning me “Why were you so careless, mage?”

My eyes started to tear up and I started to run. “This is what you've been doing your whole life, McBeth.” the whisper started to talk again, “running, running, running. What are you trying to accomplish with this obsessive running? To finally catch a white rabbit?” the whisper still went on, “No? Ah, because of your damned magic, isn't it? That's what all the Apostates do, isn't it? Run away from their magic, hmm”.

I stopped running and started to deny that statement, “No, it’s not like that at all.” and when I started to deny I tripped and then the darkness that was gone from my eyes came back and I screamed.

After that harrowing scream I woke up.