Hollis was standing outside of a barrack, inside the barrack bred one of the minor slaver companies of Kirkwall, The Landers, a pathetic name, but what were you expecting from a small group of thug wannabes, they were playing cards. Hollis walked to the door and knocked on it. “What do you want?” one of the slavers asked. “Power.” Hollis replied “power over Kirkwall.” “Well,” the thug started to chuckle “you’re not going to get any from this gang.” Hollis grew impatient with the excuses the thug made and put one foot up and knocked the door down. “What the hell?” said one of the surprised thugs.

The door flew to the other side of the room and broke a stolen portrait.

“Well,” Hollis started to chuckle “one has to start from the bottom of the barrel and climb up.” The thugs stopped playing their game of cards and drew out their swords. “Do you like money?” Hollis said sticking his hand in his pocket. “What the hell type of question is that?” one of the thugs replied. “Well, I have tons of it.” Hollis threw a silk bag on the table, one of the guards started to check it, hesitantly, one of the thugs opened it and found that it was full of sovereigns, once one of the thugs saw this he lowered his weapon, “Keep talking.” The thug said. “Do you want more of this?” Hollis said pulling out a chair and he sat down, some of the thugs started to shake their heads at this question. “Then you will start working for me, you will obey my commands and you will start recruiting, you will stop your pathetic games and start doing something, you will make Kirkwall beg for our mercy and we will take over the city and with that, you will have more money than your heart’s continent, yes?” Hollis started to pull out his blade and started to clean it. “Any catches?” one of the thugs asked. “Not if you don’t want any.” Hollis replied. I was walking home with my hands in my coat pockets, it was evening. Walking around I started to see mother’s telling their children to come home and that supper was ready, I miss those days of my childhood. I kept walking and started to observe more of the city, a group of hungry children was plotting to steal some food from a vendor, I could hear them plotting. “Okay, Mary, you go behind the vendor and try to steal a few apples, I’ll distract the old man.” “But, Anthony, stealing is wrong.” I walked on and let the children go on with their plot, none of my business. Walking on I finally arrived at my apartment, it was run down, but still better than sleeping on the street. I pulled out my key and unlocked the door, coming inside I saw a rat scurrying around for some crumbs, just trying to survive like the rest of this town, ignoring the rat I sat down on the couch and looked at the table, my family portrait was staring back at me, my mother, sister and me were smiling. Looking at that I started to think about that one day.