Chapter V: Hollis

“And I told the whore: I don’t have the fucking money; I just wanted you to blow me.” The guard said, the other one was laughing.

“Your talk sickens me.” A tall and masked man in a black cloak said in the darkness.

“Who the hell…” the guard got up and with quick pace the tall man slit the guard’s throat.

“Shit, Frank.” The other guard said, stuttering.

“If you get up then I swear to the Maker your head will be cut off in half a second.” The tall man said with a repressed tone of anger.

The stuttering guard sat down, “What do you want?”

“Where is your captain?” the masked man asked . “He’s through that door right there.” The guard said pointing at the door next to him.

“Thank you.” The tall man swung his blade.

“NO!” and the blade slit the head of the guard before he could finish.

The tall man gaped at his victims decapitated bodies with a pleased face, “You’re improving, Hollis.”

Hollis pulled out a handkerchief and slowly cleaned his blade; after he was finished he threw the handkerchief next to his victims and walked to the door the guard pointed to him, when Hollis walked in he saw the Captain of the Guard reading a book and he interrupted him.

“Good evening, Captain Mason, I’m glad some people of this city take joy to literature.” Hollis said closing the door behind him.

“Who the hell let you in, freak?” The captain said going for his sword.

“Oh, your guards did, such lovely gentlemen and might I say deadly.” Hollis said in a rather delighted tone.

“You killed them, didn't you, bastard?” the captain was now off of his seat with his sword pointing at Hollis.

“Oh wait, I’m sorry, I forgot to introduce myself.” Hollis said in an embarrassed tone “My name is Hollis Luther.”

“I don’t really give a shit, but my blade certainly cares.” The guard started running and he swung his sword at Hollis, Hollis dodged quickly and without the captain knowing, his hand was now gone along with his sword.

“You bastard!” the captain said on the ground “You cut off my hand!”

“Now, let’s get to business” Hollis said as he put his blade back “I want to make sure everyone knows that Hollis Luther is in charge of you and every other guards. I want full command of your guards; I want them to obey me like dogs.”

“Are you insane?” the captain said, shaking “you think cutting off your hand is going to make you top dog now? If so, don’t make me laugh.”

Hollis sighs, “I knew this would happen. Oh well, I guess I can come up with a better plan.” Hollis walks to the captain and stares at him.

“Go ahead, kill me.” The captain tells Hollis.

“Clichéd, but your wish is my command.” Hollis quickly swung his favorite blade and decapitated Mason, his head flew to the other end of the room and Hollis pulled out another handkerchief and hummed while doing so.

“Hmm, another plan, what could I try to do next? I knew this plan wouldn’t work out, but I didn’t come prepared anyways, damn me.”

“Captain, are you okay?” a guard was knocking on the door along with a few others.

“Okay, captain, we’re coming in.” they came in and saw Captain Mason’s decapitated corpse, they all pulled out their swords, but it was no use. Hollis left the room through a window once he heard the knock.

“So, McBeth, you want to do what?” Lutheran said confusedly.

“I want to dress up in dark clothing and fight crime.” I said looking out at the window watching the children play tag.

“That’s pretty risky, McBeth.” Lutheran said.

“I know if I was going to fight the scum in my true identity.” I turned around and looked at Lutheran “if I put a mask over my face and then fight the crime then the results will differ.”

“Um, that’s one way to put it.” Lutheran said looking down at the ground “but it’s still risky, I mean, you’re not the best athletically.”

“I was, but no I have a certain power, a certain advantage over my enemies.” “Uh-huh, well McBeth, Lyrium isn't the best for you.” Lutheran said with a smile. “The True Taint”, I said staring at Lutheran.

“The what?”

“Nothing, just something that will help with the retribution of this city.” I said looking back at the window; the children were no longer playing tag.

“Retribution? Maker’s mercy, McBeth, is that still on your mind?” Lutheran was shaking head.

“If it wasn’t on my mind then why would I be having this conversation with you?”

“So, I suppose you want some type of suit to disguise your identity.” Lutheran said standing up.

“Yes, in fact, I have a list right here.” I gave Lutheran the list of what type of material I needed.

“Uh-huh, black Orlesian silk suit? You do know that will tear up easy, correct?” Lutheran said looking at me.

“I’ve researched the material, black Orlesian silk is one of the well-made silks of Thedas.”

“Huh, you don’t say. Well, none of the Nobles who come to my shop ever want black silk, too disgusting for them.” Lutheran eyes went back on the list, “A mask, of course.”

“So, can you get this suit made?” I said with my arms crossed.

“Well, you do have a concept of it, hmm?”

“Here” I hand Lutheran my concept art.

“Hmm, okay. I’ll have this done in a week.” Said Lutheran.

“I don’t have that much time.”

“Well, okay, I suppose it can be done in two.” Lutheran said unsurely.

“Good.” I walk out of the shop with my hood on.

“Sometimes I just don’t get his bitter ass.”

“Crime doesn't wait, Lutheran.” I yelled from outside.

To be continued. . .