Chapter One: The True Taint

I woke up; I could feel the blood in my mouth, barely able to see. I've been knocked out. Lying there, I saw Darkspawn; they stand there, mindlessly. Except that one, he keeps looks at me with great interest. “So, what is your name.’’, the interested one asks.

“First, you tell me yours.’’, a foolish thing to say, but I'm not expecting to get out of this alive. “My name… Darkspawn don’t have names. People look at us as monsters, as unwanted freaks, as Blight. So, we act like they want us to act, like monsters. Nameless and mindless, but the nameless and mindless are usually the most...dangerous, but if you want a name I suppose you can have, call me The Truth.’’

‘’The Truth?’’, I say with a surprised look in my face, “pretty dumb name if you ask me.’’.

‘’Darkspawn never die, Mage, they are always reborn and so will you be next...’’ The Truth says. The Truth looks back at all the damage behind me, damage that I have done. Lying on the ground covered in blood lay twenty dead Darkspawn and two dead ogres. They all were lying down, bloody and more full of life dead than alive.

‘’Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. Impressive, one Mage taking on that many Darkspawn, I do believe I have found my test subject.’’ The Truth said nodding.

“Test subject, what in the Maker's name are you talking about?” I asked with a cough. “You'll feel it soon or enough.” The Truth replied looking at me with a grin. “What the hell are you- -“I feel sick, my stomach pains, as if a parasite is eating through it, “What did you do to me, you Bastard?”

(“I gave you my gift, the gift that makes your average Grey Warden look like a sick, dying baby. This gift I am giving is what I like to call The True Taint.’’, The Truth continued his lecture, “More powerful than any of the ones you'll find at a Joining.")

(“Damn you.’’ I cough up blood; it’s as black as this Darkspawn's heart.)

    "You don't look so good there, Mage, you look rather pale and...Are those veins I see?” He says this with a wide smile on his face.     

The vision of my eyes blur then the vision turns dark. My strength, I feel it become stronger, I break the ropes that kept me lying on the floor and I stand up and yell. I mindlessly run around, trying to sense the presence of that Darkspawn and out of nowhere I do feel something, behind me that Darkspawn is laughing joyfully, laughing at his success, at me. I hold out my hand and randomly shoot fire spells; I think I hit some due to the smell that hits my nose. He's still laughing at me, I keep yelling and then I fall to the ground, I look at my hands. The veins are black with that taint, I close my eyes and darkness falls upon me, a darkness that will follow me for the rest of my life.