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  • Matt-256

    Some time ago, the writers at BioWare revealed that the protagonist of the next installment in the Dragon Age series – Dragon Age III: Inquisition – will have a fixed race (human), but with the addition of different non-playable backgrounds to choose from, each of which will (supposedly) have major impact on the story. This is a bit of a departure from Dragon Age II – where Hawke had a very fixed origin – but not quite the same as the approach in Dragon Age: Origins either – the Warden had many different playable origins to choose from, each of which affected the rest of the game in certain ways, and could be from either of the three primary races (but was also left un-voiced in dialogue – in combat he/she would actually speak quite often, …

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  • Matt-256

    DA2 Review - Prologue

    October 17, 2011 by Matt-256

    Okay, everybody here knows about the mixed response to Dragon Age 2 - some hated it, some loved it, some thought it was good but rushed and wasted lots of potential (I'm one of those people), others had, er, other opinions. There's been forum thread after forum thread where it's been discussed whether the game is a godsend or god's excommunicated demon-worshiping turd. Some of the threads have been deep, interesting debates with good points from all sides, others have been less so.

    What makes the game so polarizing? What is it that gets some people angry, others happy? You could take the easy route and say "it's the story's fault!", or "they consolified it! DEATH TO THE CODS!", or "The waves. The F***ING waves. STOP COMING OUTTA NOWHERE ALRE…

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