• MartanTabris


    May 9, 2011 by MartanTabris

    One of the things I loved to do, before everything changed, was to climb atop one of those flimsy, wooden platforms that flanked the locked Alienage gates, and watch the crush of life that was Denerim's market district. From where I perched, you could see everything without being seen to be seeing. The open market: foreign goods of all colours, shimmering under aging tents; young, human boys tripping over each other, and under the skirts of older girls; guards in full chainmail, patrolling the edges. Sometimes, there were festivals, complete with street dancing, the cacophony of lutes, puddles of ale, and all manners of bad fashion. Whatever I could not see, I could sense with ear and nose. The clash of metal on metal, the shrieks of nobleā€¦

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