Believe it or not, I've got this idea last night in bed. I like when I see modern war soldiers who wear several guns on them, machine gun bullets across their chests, military knives around their legs, and so on and so forth... You get the picture. But I also like to see medieval warriors equipped in such a manner. Like Aragorn in LOTR. The only game so far where I've seen my character wearing several weapons simultaneously is Witcher. I love how hes walking around, having 2 swords on the back, a knife on the leg and an axe/mace on the belt. It was really cool. And most of all, it was practical.

I think Bioware should introduce something similar into DA3. Heres an example: (I'll use warrior for hes the master of all weapons)

You can be warrior who wares 2h Greatsword across his right shoulder, a 1h Longsword across his left shoulder. Shield hangs on his back so he can pull it up whenever he desires. On his left hip is another longsword/axe/dagger. SO: When he wants to fight 2h, he pulls his greatsword with right arm. When he wants to sword&shield he pulls shield with his left arm and hip weapon with his right. And if he wants to dual-wield, he pulls left shoulder longsword/axe/dagger with his left hand and the hip weapon with his right arm.

Same thing with mages and rogues only with weapons their class allows them. I think this would look awesome AND add to realism.--Markurion (talk) 12:20, April 14, 2012 (UTC)