Now, we all saw or heard what came out of PAX 2011 and news the DA devs gave us. Now i would like for all people to add here the things they think Bioware team should take into consideration as well. Oh, boy! Here we go. I hope someone from Bioware listens.

1) I would like to see combat mechanics changed, not just positioning. I don't want to play a game like football. Just need to be little slower than in DA2. I want more realistic combat. When Fenris swings his 2h sword in a Whirlwind i wanna see enemies flying or getting knocked down MORE OFTEN. I want him to be 10 feet further from his starting position when he uses Scythe. That thing where he would do Scythe, damage foes and bounce off of them is disgusting. Same thing with Rogue's Rush ability and similar...

a) And I would like to see killing moves again! Combat in DAO was worth every nanosecond just because of those  :killing blows. Seeing how Sten swings his blade and behead hurlock was beautiful! Or when Zevran stick one dagger :into an enemy, and behead him with other one. Marvelous! I would die to see that again! Also, i barely saw Hawke doing :thing from Destiny trailer on ogre ,once. You should reintroduce slowmotion again!

2)If you truly want to present people as the true enemies of themselves in DA franchise, you should improve characters and their complexity. For example, I still think that Varric had no REAL reason to approach Hawke and offer him a partnership in expedition to the Deep Roads. I'm still convinced that Varric had some other, hidden reason for approaching Hawke. And there are many more examples, which I would gladly write about if anyone asks.

3)I understand you want to make Chronicles of Thedas more than a single story about a certain point in Thedas history. But the game is not called Ages of Thedas. It's Dragon age, and it's about a global change that happened during THAT specific century. Point of this is that "world is a small place". People and companions from both DAO and DA2 should be more involved in the story. More connected. Player should connect more with them. This means you should restore the abililty for players to talk to their companions whenever they wish, and not just quest-bound. That's not the only way to improve NPC involvement , but it's certainly a step in right direction.

4) I think both Warden and Hawke should be seen as NPCs in DA3. Hawke voice and personality should be taken from the Dialogue wheel system and implemented in NPC AI. Bringing back Warden will require harder work but i think it is doable. Artstyle wont be much of a problem. Most people wont mind if his/her Warden has bigger nose than he used to. Mirror from Black Emporium would certainly help. Voice and personality could be taken from DAO voice presets such as: Violent, Suave, Wise, cocky etc... What Warden should wear? That's really not important. Let it depend on class. Same with Hawke.

This is all I had to add for now. I think these are the most important tasks Bioware should consider WITH the ones they already presented. Other, minor things shouldn't be that big a minus even if not present. Cheers!--Markurion (talk) 16:29, August 31, 2011 (UTC)