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Taunt - A mocking cry catches the attention of nearby foes, causing them to immediately abandon attacks on other allies to concentrate on the warrior instead. (Cost: 20 Stamina / Cooldown: 20s / Threat transfer: 100% from companions to warrior / Size: 8m)
Shield Bash
Second Wind

Battle Synergy
Turn the Blade



Bursting Arrow
Rush - The rogue rushes forward, attempting to knock down the target and all nearby enemies. (Cost: 10 Stamina / Cooldown: 10s / Physical damage: 140 / Physical force: 16x)
Stun Grenade*
Miasmic Flask - The rogue lobs an explosive flask into a group of enemies, briefly stunning them. (Cost: 15 Stamina / Cooldown: 20s / Stun chance: 100% vs. normal enemies / Duration: 4s / Size: 3m)
Rhyming Triplet
Hail of Arrows - The archer unleashes an entire quiver into the air. For a short time after, the missles rain down on enemy ranks. (Cost: 30 Stamina / Cooldown: 20s / Physical damage: 350 every 1s / Enemy attack speed: 50% / Enemy movement speed: 50% / Duration: 4s / Size: 8m)
Pinning Shot - The archer looses an arrow that immobilizes a target for a short time. (Cost: 15 Stamina / Cooldown: 5s / Physical damage: 2,100 / Physical force: 2x / Pinning chance: 80% vs. normal enemies / Disorient chance: 100% vs. pinned enemies / Duration: 6s)
Explosive Strike - The rogue completes the combo built up by Unforgiving Chain. Every basic melee attack that the rogue completed immediately prior to using Explosive Strike increases the damage inflicted by breaking the chain. (Cost: 15 Stamina / Cooldown: 10s / Physical damage: 56 / Physical damage: +50% per basic attack in previous chain, up to 10 hits / Physical force: 2x)




Crushing Prison
Winter's Grasp
Spirit Bolt
Fireball - The mage unleashes a bolt of flame that explodes, scattering and scorching foes. (Cost: 15 Mana / Cooldown: 10s / Fire damage: 650 / Elemental force: 4x / Size: 5m)
Walking Bomb
Glyph of Paralysis - The mage inscribes a glyph on the ground that paralyzes most foes who cross its bounds. (Cost : 15 Mana / Cooldown: 20s / Enemies paralyzed: 3 / Paralysis chance: 100% vs. normal enemies / Paralysis duration: 10s / Duration: 20s, or 3s after first paralysis / Size: 3m)
Firestorm - The mage calls forth a devastating shower of flame that blasts down on the target area. (Cost: 40 Mana / Cooldown: 30s / Fire damage: 520 every 1s / Elemental force: 2x / Duration: 10s / Size: 8m)

Death Syphon


** Notes **

(1) Size in the descriptions refer to area of effect.
(2) Physical force and Elemental force are most likely damage modifiers based on strength and magic or something similar.
(3) Spells like Glyph of Paralysis can be assumed to hold more enemies and/or increase in size if it's upgradeable and if you choose to do so.
(4) Warriors have a skill tree called Battlemaster which has skills like (Stun / Knockback).
(5) Mages have a skill tree called Arcane which has skills like (Crushing Prison).
(6) Rogues have two skill trees called Debilitation and Subterfuge.
(6) All skills marked with an asterik (*) have been taken from the russian video provided by (axa89).

Taken from Forum Thread

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