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March 1, 2011
  • Marcus Mabel

    (And Maker Bless You, Anthony Heare)  Poorly-written, guilty pleasure in the works since the summer of 2012 (G-d, how I miss that year). Complete with misspellings, grammar mistakes and Bullshit. Plus, is the "teenager" even fathomable in the DRAGON AGE universe?


    Stories have a way of overtime becoming nothing but bullshit.

     My father, Osen, told me this one night before bed next to the fireplace. He said that even the stories that were myth would overtime have their own facts changed from one generation of Bards to the others. The Chasind knew that and that must have been the reason why they threw half empty mugs at him, but not as well as my father who made somewhat of a living telling other people's bullshit from centuries past a…

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  • Marcus Mabel

    Okay, excuse my crappy grammar and terrible formatting, and since there is pretty much nothing I want to talk about that involves Dragon all. I was wondering what did you guys think about The Dark Knight Rises? I saw the movie last night on my pirate copy since I don't want to get shot in a movie theater, but anyways I thought the movie was great because...the risks were higher, you know and it rapped up Nolan's trilogy really well, even though I wish some people had some more screen time, what did you guys think of it?

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  • Marcus Mabel

    i mean his eyes are messed up looking and he looks really weird

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