aka Marcus.

  • I live in USA Indiana.
  • I was born on January 2
  • My occupation is Jedi Knight.
  • I am Male or I could be a tree.
  • Marcus-Dowell

    During my time in the key feature of any good wiki; the live chat there have been increasingly more Mass Effect talks then Dragon age. Personally I'm a fan of all Bioware's games from Baldur's gate to Star Wars Old Republic. I do say though I've introduced myself to this wiki nearly half a year ago and I've had the most detailed questions answered to the exact end of the tie. However there has been less talk of Dragon Age and more of Mass Effect. I'm definitely not against this I am only posting this blog to figure one thing out...

    Which game do you prefer? a game of futuristic scenarios in galaxy changing choices or a mystical fight between never waning finesse, might, and magic.

    So if you give me your opinion I'd gladly read it over and re…

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  • Marcus-Dowell

    I don't much know how to blog since this is my first time so excuse me if I don't seem impressive. So my hopes for Inquisition are anyone else's really. I want a large map and dungeons to come in variety, I do agree that the theme was Kirkwall in Dragon Age 2 however there were many things they could have either expanded on or created. What I imagine DAI to be is a world in peril in need of a leader to direct everyone's attention to fight this disastrous tear into the fade.In DA2 you were the middle man not a king or anything close but you were someone the people listened to and the true rulers actually looked to you for advice. I thought that was brilliant because you indirectly had influence on the city, however this time around I'm expe…

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