• Manzai

    Orlesian Murder Mystery

    October 4, 2011 by Manzai

    Boss Costard,

    I have received your letter. If you know the Comté Marfort still lives, then I can only assume you also know that Taran and Harlow are no longer with me. Whether they live or not, I cannot say. I know I may well face death for our failure in Orlais, but if my choice is to be between that and completing the assignment, I tell you now: I would die before stepping foot in Marfort’s estate again. For the good of the Coterie, you must know what we encountered there.

    Our initial plan was Taran’s design. We would bribe a few disgruntled kitchen servants to take the night off and leave their clothes with us. This was a fairly easy matter, as servants in Orlais are given about as much consideration as a Darktowner with chokedamp sicknes…

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