I'm sure we've all gone onto the World Update page over on Bioware. And I'm sure we've all seen that the Characters section has 8 entries, 3 of which remain locked. And I'm fairly sure we're all thinking that the Characters section is another way of saying "Companions". So that leaves us with the question;

Did Bioware trick us when they said there would be 6 companions, including an old favourite, in Awakenings? Is it supposed to be a surprise that there would actually be 8 in total?

If so, who will these new Companions be?

Well, it seems Bioware has given us at least 2 clues. The Queen of the Blackmarsh and the Velanna trailers. If we look at the Blackmarsh trailer we see a Human male with a shaved head (now the shot is fair to quick for me to actually see the equipment, but he seems to be wearing heavy armour, perhaps a third Warrior for the party?). In the Velanna video we see a human male, in light armour and dark hair, using a bow. A similar looking fellow can also be seen in the Blackmarsh video. Perhaps our second Rogue? As to this third mystery person, I haven't seen anything in the videos or the photos, so perhaps Bioware are keeping things close to their collective chest.

As to who these 2 new men could be, your guess is as good as mine. But I've this nagging feeling that the current Penny Arcade comic is introducing us to Thomas Howe, Arl Rendon Howe's son. He looks like the dark haired Rogue in the videos. At the moment though, its pure speculation. As for Baldy, I'm guessing a prisoner (Not the Ostagar prisoner!), or perhaps a soldier who survived a Darkspawn ambush.

Anyway, these are my thoughts, anyone else got something to add?