My Dear Coterie, you are at a loss to understand how this could happen! I can tell you this that I was also at a loss to what transpire that cold and raining night. It was at the house of the Orlesian noble that circumstances changed. It all happened when I lock picked the back door to the mansion walked down a small corridor and my eye caught a painting on the wall. A painting of me! I looked very young about 14 or so and embracing what appears to be a long hair small kitten and there beside me seems to be a man with his arm around me. I seemed happy and content the man also seemed happy.

What is incredible was that I never owned a kitten and I never seen this man in my life! Words can not convey how I felt. How could I be there and not remember who I was or the people in my life. Surely I can remember that age and what I was doing. I was working for you, I still can remember discovering that Mrs Potter has been hiding the fact that Arthur is not her real son, and I attempted to blackmail her. Yes, I can attest to that.

I was eager to know more and started to look around but was interrupted by a sound I heard in one of the rooms up stairs. I knew if I was to learn more I needed to go up stairs and to the room. Never in my life I felt so terrified. I needed to know who was that boy why did he look like me. Has I was walking up the staircase down the hall I met up with the room that I heard the sound. I looked down and saw a light was on. I knew that I could not afford to wait until whoever was in the room to fall sleep. I opened the door and to my horror I was staring at a face that was like a mirror. I was in shocked the young man spoke to me first. He was polite how he spoke. He told me something strange how he was waiting for me to come to him. Tonight! How could he have known? What does he know?

Well he told me of a man who goes by the name Gustav (yes that scoundrel assassin that is employed by no other than Coterie) and that early morning told him about a man that looked like him and that he was sent by the Coterie to assassinate him. And that perhaps it was his twin. He asked for reimbursement and was told by my brother that he will pay him if I did pay him a visit that day. I was watching how he talked his face seemed less hate much more kinder. He was my twin, my brother but different. A different life? Perhaps. Now you know why this Olesian noble still lives. I could not end his life and that the Coterie believes "Bonds within the family are stronger than any other kind".

After all was said including how we separated when I was a infant but this would take to long to write. All that you should know that I did not reveal any secrets and that night I did not betrayed you but the man that goes by Gustav did! He broke all the unspoken rules, spoke when he shouldn't. I found where he was staying he looked surprise to see me but knew why I came. "Bonds within the family are stronger than any other kind". That is all I need to say.

Yours always Assassin X,