You know, I'm an experienced Assassin, I learned from a very wise man. My master taught me his code, which I won't go into detail about here for it would most likely try even your masterful patience, but the main tenets were that it doesn't matter who an Assassin works for or what he does, as long as he stays true to his code, and most of all, never be arrogant about your own skills. Despite what I believe to be a lack of said arrogance, it didn't stop me from becoming confident in my abilities after all these years.....but you can always be overconfident.

I won't describe to you the process of how I gathered my information since this is just a report but I found out that this particular noble happened to be in kirkwall to attend a party in hightown, a regular occurence, but I wondered to myself. "Why come all the way from Orlais? This party isn't even big and auspicious enough for me to have heard of it until I looked into it." But I was sure enough of my stealth and combat skills that I assumed nobody could adequately stand in my Assassin should never assume.

It was similar enough to any other Hightown party, after infiltrating it in one of my favorite personas I scanned through the crowd seeing barons and counts in their fancy vests and tuxedos and women in their extravagant dresses with nice corsets holding up their ample bosoms, but I allowed none of it to distract my hawk-like focus, until I saw something that made me almost gasp audibly.....the Champion of Kirkwall himself was attending this party!

As I have probably worn out by now, I'm not an arrogant man, neither do i have the tainted zealotry behind me that those dwarves from another branch of our dear coterie had when they went after the Champion, I had no intentions of being caught by or forced to fight with the one man in the Free Marches who I'm sure could kill me. I reworked my whole plan, the only way I was going to get a chance at the target was if I got him away from the party first.

Luckily my self-confidence didn't stop me from having at least one contingency plan, I happened to have one of the guards patrolling hightown in my pocket. I came up with a simple excuse as for why I had to leave the party and walked out of the manor as if I was very frustrated about it all. When I found Herman (My guard contact) I sent him into the mansion with the most useful and complicated kind of lie there is: a half truth.

I changed out of that thrice-accursedly stuffy Nobleman's attire as Herman entered the manor. After finally being comfortable again I took my position on the roof of a nearby house (One of the very few homes smaller than a mansion in Hightown) and waited. Soon enough Herman brought out the target, I took aim with my crossbow and released the deadly projectile right on target as always. But when the bolt was mere feet from lethally sinking into the target's throat Herman's hand reached out with lightning speed and snatched the bolt out of the air!

I was baffled, I couldn't understand until I looked closer and realized I had been to focused on the target and a small but condemning detail had slipped by me, the guard escorting the noble wasn't Herman! I realized at that moment that it wasn't just any guard either, it was Aveline Vallen herself, as anybody who left their home at all knew, the captain was good friends with the Champion so my only option was clear. I found my escape route in the form of a nearby laundry line with an angle from it to the stable of the family that owned the house I was perched on, with one of my own lines of rope reinforcing the feeble laundry hangings they were just sturdy enough to hold my wait as I swung into a haybail in the stable and make my escape before the guards could get close enough.

So there you go, now I stand here before you, humbled and ashamed by my failiure, I'm not sure how the guard captain found out what was going on but I can only assume that while she was on patrol in darktown one of the scumbags she pummeled for something or other happened to be the one who told me about the party. If I live through your punishment I plan on never leaving any loose ends around to screw up a job like that ever again.