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  • I live in Nevada
  • I was born on April 13
  • I am Male
  • LordSephy

    Short Story Contest entry

    September 29, 2011 by LordSephy

    You know, I'm an experienced Assassin, I learned from a very wise man. My master taught me his code, which I won't go into detail about here for it would most likely try even your masterful patience, but the main tenets were that it doesn't matter who an Assassin works for or what he does, as long as he stays true to his code, and most of all, never be arrogant about your own skills. Despite what I believe to be a lack of said arrogance, it didn't stop me from becoming confident in my abilities after all these years.....but you can always be overconfident.

    I won't describe to you the process of how I gathered my information since this is just a report but I found out that this particular noble happened to be in kirkwall to attend a party in h…

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