Hello people, so i was reading the prima guide of Dragon Age II and found something rather interesting about the next game. That's written on the "Story Recap" part of the guide:


"In closing Hawke’s story, Varric reflects on his friend’s legacy. We learn that the Champion has since vanished or else the dwarf has no desire to let on what he knows. So what does the future hold? The mage/templar crisis has drawn the battle lines, setting the scene for rebellion and persecution. Religious purges and expurgation can be expected from the Chantry, but news of Kirkwall may incite other Circles to rise up in revolt.

Perhaps more intriguing, is there a reason why Hawke is now “gone, like the Warden”, as revealed by Cassandra in the final scenes? Do the Champion and the Hero of Ferelden have more in common than we know? And what do the mysterious Seekers of Truth have to do with this? Will some kind of inquisition be at the heart of the events of the next Dragon Age title?

Finally, is it safe to speculate that Morrigan may play a major role in future events? Flemeth’s cryptic explanation for her journey to Sundermount (“A bit of security, should the inevitable occur. And if I know my Morrigan, it already has.”) may refer to the Warden’s battle with the Witch of the Wilds – or, perhaps, an artfully conjured facsimile – at her furious daughter’s behest. Flemeth, lest we forget, was discovered to have achieved a form of immortality by periodically appropriating the bodies of numerous “daughters” throughout her history. Then again, with Morrigan carrying a child infused with the spirit of the archdemon in one likely narrative eventuality, it could mean so much more…"

So what do you guys think? I have no idea if anyone ever saw this but it does sound that the rumors are probably true. --Lombus - Strength through diversity. And victory through unity. (talk) 12:04, September 2, 2012 (UTC)