Hi community! Although this slightly less exciting than the usual news, I just wanted to let you know that in approximately one day we will be trialing a new user talk page system called message wall. Taken from here the main changes are:

  • It’s not a wiki page. You can add comments directly without going into the wiki editor, and you will see them immediately.
  • Newer conversations are at the top of the page; archiving is automatic. When there are more than 20 conversations, your Message Wall automatically paginates, so there’s no need to manually archive content.
  • Message wall Conversations condensed for faster scanning. Long conversations are condensed, and it just takes one click to expand them. This way, you can scan your Message Wall without getting overwhelmed by a long conversation in the middle.
  • Messages are separated into conversations, which you can link to directly — and permanently! Since archiving is automatic, these links won’t break when the conversation gets old.
  • Messages are signed with your preferred name. If you've entered an “aka” name into your profile, this will appear on each of your Message Wall posts, followed by your username. If you haven’t entered an alternate name, it will only display your username.
  • Wiki Activity will show messages grouped as conversations. If more than one reply has been posted recently in a conversation, these will be shown as a single conversation on Wiki Activity. The two most recent replies will be listed along with the total number of other replies, and you'll be able to click through for the rest.
  • Wiki notifications appear in a new menu. You’ll be notified at the top-right of your wiki (next to your user menu) for new messages on your wall, as well as for replies to any conversations you’re following. These notifications will automatically mark themselves as read when you view the conversation.

One other key point to note is that all user talk page conversations will be automatically archived when the trial goes live so please wrap up current conversations if possible.

If you're so inclined, you can read more about it here and here. But whether you love it, hate it or don't care, please make your opinion known here. If after approximately one week there is not enough support for the change, we will revert to the current system. If we revert, all messages left during the trial period will be hidden from view, so I will be saving a local copy of them so they can be restored if desired.