In an interview with OXM Dragon Age: Inquisition producer Cameron Lee discusses the current state of the game. Among the highlights:

  • "Cassandra and Varric spent some time off together, so they've formed an interesting relationship. In Dragon Age: Inquisition they're much more familiar with each other, but still have an, er, interesting conversation from time to time."
  • "In Mass Effect you formed factions but it was mostly on a personal scale, whereas in Inquisition you're talking about having a personal impact, but mostly through these big crunchy, meaty decisions and impacts that the Inquisition can have on the world. It's kind of like the difference between being a Jedi, and founding the Jedi Order."
  • "There's much more customisation in Inquisition than there was in Origins, in terms of what you can craft, how you look, how you can look after your followers and all that sort of stuff, so I think there's more choice and more customisation and the ability for the player to feel like the character is their own."

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