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Loleil June 12, 2014 User blog:Loleil
E3 Portal Pencil Banner

I was lucky enough to see the Dragon Age: Inquisition presentation at E3 today and I wanted to share some of the things I saw with you all.

  • It looks gorgeous! The world feel much more alive than either of the previous installments. Villagers mill about the city and wild animals roam the countryside.
  • Character icons are stylized portraits. Dialogue icons use a stained glass look
  • The world will be reactive. For example, if you kill too many bears in one area, their numbers will decrease permanently
  • Blood splatter returns
  • You can summon your mount by whistling for them
  • Collecting crafting ingredients appears similar to Dragon Age: Origins. There was plenty of herbs to be seen as the Inquisitor roamed the countryside.
  • The tactical view now shows any status effects an enemy might be under and what strengths and weaknesses a character may have.
  • The Iron Bull has a sense of humour
  • Sera has a Cockney accent
  • Dorian's mustache is even more impressive on a giant screen.

If you have any other questions about the presentation let me know and I will try to answer.

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