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Free shield available to North American PC players

Loleil March 17, 2010 User blog:Loleil

Courtesty of Alienware, North American PC players can now access the Bulwark of the True King. This shield once belonged to the Rebel Queen, Moira. She was brutally killed when her lords betrayed her to the Orlesians. The shield was taken from her body, and given in tribute to the ursurper Meghren. It has since changed hands several times.

The codes can be used to simultaneously redeem a Tier 5 version of the shield in the original Dragon Age: Origins.

Dragon Age: Origins Stats

  • Tier 5
  • +3 Willpower
  • +2 Constitution
  • +3 Defense
  • +1 Armor

Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening Stats

  • Tier 7
  • +5 Willpower
  • +3 Constitution
  • +3 Defense
  • +1 Armor
  • Absorbs Damage

Visit Alienware to learn more.

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