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Feeling A Little Red Inside

Lit'hal January 21, 2016 User blog:Lit'hal

So, I posted something I felt was worthwhile on this Wikia and man, does it feel good to get it out. I have been researching Dragon Age history to unlock some hidden things. The lack of answers I had when I began is now crushing, but what I did scrap together has given me a lot to think about. Lyrium, The Fade, The Black city and Darkspawn. Archdemons, Titans and the taint. All so fascinating and consuming when you allow your brain to delve in like I just did for the last three days. 14 pages my friends, 14 pages for only important, canon and non-speculative history. That's just the surface. I found interesting facts, trails that lead me to staying up well beyond what I should have because my brain was unwilling to let it go, to shut down for the night until I had at least one, more answer. My discovery about the Black city was what allowed me to sigh in relief till the next day. Poor me...

What I felt to be a breakthrough about the Black City (sorry if it's old news for anyone else -_-) lead me 'down the rabbit hole' and it's long and dark. One search bleeding into another, and information demanding clarification from six other articles just to be certain. Just to be sure. I can say for now, I am sated. Hardly spent, but sated and my attention is spiraling around The Forgotten Ones and Forbidden Ones. Numbers that once added together become my favorite of them all; 7. Seven magisters, seven old gods and now seven Forgotten/Forbidden one. It's almost too much to bare. Almost... For now, I'll let you think on things yourself. Check out The Black City under Lore and follow me down the rabbit hole.

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