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    And Dorien, drawn close in the Fade by the calling of Lavellan, came quietly to her and he felt a great weight upon him. When he came to stop beside her, the place she'd conjured around her was one he did not know, he asked.

    "What is this place?" And she answered him, uncaring of the tears down her face.

    "Lathbora viran."

    And as she wept the Fade was steeped in her sadness while she shook in subdued sobs. _ _ _ _ Saddest little thing I've ever written and it's so short... right in the feels.

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  • Lit'hal

    Lending a hand

    January 25, 2016 by Lit'hal

    An email I sent to an acquaintance who is writing a very wish-fullfilling fanfiction.

    I've tried to stray from speculations because, well that won't give me answers and I really do need them. lol. It would be a long read of information, but I'd be happy to give you what I believe might be going on in truth, minus wish fulfillment of coarse. In short, The blight is Andruil's fault (indirectly) and known Elvhish is what I've based it off. Andruil got bored of hunting men and choose to hunt the Forgotten Ones (creatures of disease, fear and malevolence) in the Void. Each time she traveled there she came back mad. She forged known armor and weapons (A spear with unbearable heat *I think it's that stupid red idol to be honest) from The Void to… Read more >
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    Feeling A Little Red Inside

    January 21, 2016 by Lit'hal

    So, I posted something I felt was worthwhile on this Wikia and man, does it feel good to get it out. I have been researching Dragon Age history to unlock some hidden things. The lack of answers I had when I began is now crushing, but what I did scrap together has given me a lot to think about. Lyrium, The Fade, The Black city and Darkspawn. Archdemons, Titans and the taint. All so fascinating and consuming when you allow your brain to delve in like I just did for the last three days. 14 pages my friends, 14 pages for only important, canon and non-speculative history. That's just the surface. I found interesting facts, trails that lead me to staying up well beyond what I should have because my brain was unwilling to let it go, to shut down …

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