Blackwall SS

It's been some time since the Combat Q&A first came up, but they finally answered some of the questions asked of them regarding the combat system of Dragon Age: Inquisition. The Q&A involves questions of:

  • Tactics
  • Armor/weapon degradation
  • Cooldown of abilities
  • Instant death moves
  • Dual wielding
  • If there's a chance of someone improving their tactical skills in the game
  • If weapons will be interchangable
  • Arcane Warrior specialization
  • Finishing moves
  • Wether there's a completely new combat skill they can describe or reveal
  • Health and mana/stamina regeneration
  • Cross-class combos
  • If all mage followers are able to heal just as well or are others better
  • If there's anything more to the Inquisitor's power regarding combat
  • How does focus work
  • If there are spells/abilities that will need to be unlocked during the story, or if it will be based on the level-up system

You can read all the answers to those questions here.