BioWare released a Q&A regarding crafting and customization, which you can read here.


The Q&A answers these questions:

  • If I choose not to craft, will I still be able to find unique or powerful weapons and armor?
  • How will the inventory of your backpack be managed in DAI? Will it be determined by number of slots or weight of objects?
  • Will there be schematics to craft weapons and armor?
  • Are craftable weapons comparably strong to looted ones?
  • Can we craft weapons with elemental effects?
  • Can mage staves also be modified?
  • Can you craft absolutely unique armor or weapons?
Elven mage inquisitor
  • Will there be new materials to the series to craft items with?
  • Will there be rare crafting materials, or are most of them easy to find?
  • What level of customization will we have with our companions?
  • Does the customization of our companions' outfits show visual changes for them?
  • Is there an opportunity to change colors of armor and robes? Also, are there cloaks and hoods in the game?
  • Will the Inquisitor have civilian or casual clothing to wear while at Skyhold?
  • Will we be able to craft items for "decorating" our keep?
  • Regarding mounts, will we be able to modify the accessories, color, etc.?

Updated: Star Metal Knight brought this forum thread to our attention in the comment section, a very brief summary of a Q & A regarding the Keep.

  1. Varric VO is a 3 language - English, German and French. Rest country - subtitles.
  2. If you play in DAI, all decision moving to the Keep. You can change the your decision in DAI Keep later.
  3. How create and import World State?
    • Make a decision
    • Click globe
    • Save your World State
    • Export to DAI
    • Run DAI
    • Import World State
  4. BioWare created more images with decision from new title. So... Spoilers coming!
  5. Mobile Version is on. You can check now.
  6. Secret! Blackwall and Cassandra image: